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Telecom & Commerce Ovum: Industry-led solution to poor mobile coverage triumphs over government’s ill-thought-out proposal
Dec 18, 2014 – While the UK government’s once preferred solution of ’national roaming’ to deal with mobile not-spots sounded attractive to those with coverage issues, it was a messy solution that has fortunately... Read the rest

Wireless Watch: Baidu alliance is a breakthrough moment for Nokia Here
Dec 18, 2014 – When Nokia retained its mapping business, Here, after the sales of its devices business to Microsoft, some executives in the US company were reported to be furious. Here, built on... Read the rest

Wireless Watch: Avi Networks brings hyperscale to smaller mobile cloud players
Dec 18, 2014 – No sooner had cloud computing become a mainstay of modern technology-driven businesses than the architecture became outdated. Monolithic platforms are giving way to distributed, virtualized ones, in which control and... Read the rest

Wireless Watch: Microsoft to preview mobile Windows 10, for a multi-OS world
Dec 18, 2014 – One of the themes of 2014, in Microsoft’s world, has been the death of Windows. Not literally of course, but new CEO Satya Nadella has dislodged the operating system from... Read the rest

Smarter Phones, Devices & Apps RIoT: Apple to enter smart home at WWDC
May 30, 2014 –  Rumors abound that Apple will unveil its plans for the smart home at its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) on June 2nd. It is expected that software will be revealed that... Read the rest

Gartner Says Annual Smartphone Sales Surpassed Sales of Feature Phones for the First Time in 2013
Feb 13, 2014 – Smartphones Accounted for 57.6 Percent of Total Sales in Fourth Quarter of 2013 Sales of Android Phones to Approach One Billion in 2014 Worldwide sales of smartphones to end users... Read the rest

Canalys: Android on 80% of smart phones shipped in 2013
Jan 31, 2014 – Windows Phone’s 69% year-on-year increase in Q4 2013 made it the fastest growing platform Canalys has published its final smart phone shipment estimates for the 50-plus countries that it tracks.... Read the rest

Wireless Watch: As Lenovo buys Motorola, Chinese vendors take aim at the Samsung/Apple duopoly
Jan 30, 2014 – It is strange to think that, at the start of this century, Siemens and Ericsson were vying for third place in the handset market. The sector was dominated by infrastructure... Read the rest

Enterprise Mobility Faultline: Irdeto now underpins Liberty Global OTT, so what did it use before?
May 22, 2014 –   It’s been a while since Irdeto has had anything serious to announce in Europe, and while we know that the CEO Graham Kill has returned from China to supervise... Read the rest

Faultline: The AT&T question – Does it really want a Latin American adventure?
May 22, 2014 –  The rapidly worked out $48.5 billion merger agreement between AT&T and DirecTV is being seen as a trigger for yet more consolidation in the US, with everyone looking for natural... Read the rest

Wireless Watch: AT&T’s DirecTV deal may trigger more M&A in mobile market
May 22, 2014 –  There’s no let-up in the relentless consolidation of the US telecoms and media market. Sprint, T-Mobile and Dish continue to dance around one another; Comcast is offering $45bn for Time... Read the rest

Wireless Watch: The latest cellco alternatives: Google ‘business spots,’ Homespots push global disruption, Sigfox US and UK IoT
May 22, 2014 –  Mobile operators have had a decade to deal with the knowledge that they could no longer control or monetize most of the services running over their networks, as the world... Read the rest

Wireless Web RIoT: Qualcomm spins off Gimbal beacons into standalone company
May 2, 2014 – So hot is the market for beacons in retail environments that Qualcomm has spun off its own platform into a standalone business unit based around its Gimbal technology.   The... Read the rest

Wireless Watch: Qualcomm seeks to set standards for new wave of IoT
May 1, 2014 – Gimbal beacons spun off into standalone company.  So hot is the market for beacons in retail environments that Qualcomm has spun off its own platform into a standalone business unit... Read the rest

Wireless Watch: I/O: no hardware or stunts, as Google reworks its web platforms
May 16, 2013 – Gadget watchers were disappointed by the opening day of Google’s annual I/O conference, but that was a good thing. There was no hardware, and no major stunts like the Google... Read the rest

Maravedis-Rethink: Metrocell backhaul will drive total wireless backhaul market to US$10 billion by 2018
May 1, 2013 – New backhaul report analyzes wireless backhaul from an intermodal perspective.   The macrocell wireless backhaul market will begin to decline in 2017, but metrocell backhaul, expected to grow to US$4.7... Read the rest

Arts & Entertainment Faultline: Deals, Launches and Products
Dec 18, 2014 – It looks like nothing can stop ADB (Advanced Digital Broadcast) from going private. The tender for the public shares of the Swiss set top maker has managed to secure almost... Read the rest

Faultline: Wyplay puts Sigfox low-power IoT radio in Frog set top stack
Dec 18, 2014 – Set top software company Wyplay has added Sigfox’s low-power, long-range Internet of Things (IoT) networking protocol to its Frog set top software platform. The two French companies say this will... Read the rest

Faultline: Dish goes full throttle on Netflix in time for its OTT launch
Dec 18, 2014 –  It was back in May that Dish Networks in the US began to court Netflix, initially considering a bundled 6 month trial to Netflix a bribe to suck in new... Read the rest

Faultline: Google Verizon accord offers immunization against patent attack
Dec 18, 2014 – If 2011-2013 were the years of repeated attacks on Android in the patent courts, 2014 was the year when Google started to hit back – not by joining the IPR... Read the rest

Tablets & Notebooks HP Next: HP Unveils World’s Thinnest and Lightest Business-Class Notebooks
Dec 2, 2014 – HP Discover 2014 is taking place this week in Barcelona, Spain, where thousands of IT executives, managers, architects, engineers, and experts from around the world will gather to connect, explore... Read the rest

HP Newsroom: HP Introduces Thin Client Solutions Delivering Increased Performance and Flexibility for Cloud Environments
Jun 5, 2014 –  PALO ALTO, Calif. — HP today expanded its leading portfolio of thin client solutions with the HP t310 All-in-One Zero Client and HP t520 Flexible Series Thin Client, designed to help businesses securely... Read the rest

HP Newsroom: HP Enhances Mobile Offerings with Business-focused Detachable PC
Jun 4, 2014 –  PALO ALTO, Calif. — HP today announced several new PCs in industry-leading form factors, including a detachable two-in-one notebook PC for business users, and a new series of HP Elite... Read the rest

HP Raises the Bar on Mainstream Mobility with Secure New Business Ultrabook Designs
Oct 1, 2013 – PALO ALTO, Calif. — HP today unveiled a portfolio of elegantly styled business notebooks that redefine mainstream mobile computing, including secure, reliable Ultrabooks(1) designed to fit the needs of any... Read the rest

Safety & Security Gartner Says Reports of Mobile Device Cybersecurity Threats in Sochi Olympics Are Not Unique; It Could Happen to You at Your Local Coffee Shop
Feb 7, 2014 – With the Olympic ceremonies kicking off tonight, there have been various reports highlighting the cybersecurity risks from people using their mobile devices and computers in Sochi. Gartner analysts said it’s... Read the rest

HP Next: HP’s Zero Day Initiative Exposes Mobile Vulnerabilities at 2013 Mobile Pwn2Own Contest
Nov 25, 2013 – Earlier this month, I was on the ground in Tokyo for the second annual Mobile Pwn2Own contest. Co-sponsored by BlackBerry and Google’s Android and Chrome Security teams, Mobile Pwn2Own focuses... Read the rest

HP Research Reveals 9 out of 10 Mobile Applications Vulnerable to Attack
Nov 18, 2013 – NEW YORK — HP has released results from a research study revealing that mobile applications represent a real security threat, with vulnerabilities affecting nine out of 10 mobile applications published... Read the rest

HP Helps Organizations Meet Government Compliance Requirements
Sep 9, 2013 – HP Data Privacy Services protect confidential information, secure sensitive data and optimize IT management. PALO ALTO, Calif. — HP has announced HP Data Privacy Services, a comprehensive suite of IT... Read the rest

Remembering 9/11 Wireless communications: the phoenix of technology from the ashes of Wall Street?
Oct 1, 2001 – The terrorist attack in New York has weakened an already fragile economy and cast doubts on when, if ever, the technology sector will recover. The impact on a nation's psyche... Read the rest

Finding a sense of greater purpose
Oct 1, 2001 – September 11th was the day when a few of us at Oberthur in Los Angeles where heading down to San Diego to meet up with our partner Microcell i5 from... Read the rest

What has emerged from the chaos?
Oct 1, 2001 – In the wake of the terrible events that took place on Sept. 11, 2001, In-Stat/MDR has issued "What has Emerged from the Chaos? The Current State of the Technology Industry."... Read the rest

These are the times that try men's souls
Oct 1, 2001 – "These are the times that try men's souls," --Thomas Paine, The Crisis, December 19, 1776 These are the times that try everyone's souls. The terrorist attacks in New York, Washington,... Read the rest

Connect News: 2014 Connect NonStop Availability Awards: Call for 2014 Entries
Jun 17, 2014 –  The NonStop Availability Award is proof to your customers and employees that availability matters to you. People tend to focus on what they measure, and keeping close track of outage... Read the rest

Advertising and Marketing Information
Apr 1, 2003 – Greetings! And welcome to the Next Innovator Publishing Group! During our first decade of operations, we've published some 29,000 articles on enterprise IT, security, mobility, and emerging technologies -- written... Read the rest

Jan 1, 2002 – Hello! Thank you for visiting our newest web publication at it's called It's all about innovation in the enterprise, and covers IT companies that help the enterprise mobilize,... Read the rest

Writers Guidelines For
Jul 1, 2001 – Welcome to! Thanks for your interest in writing for our growing series of IT-related webzines. For Journalists & Freelancers >> If you are an IT journalist or freelancer, we... Read the rest

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• 12/4 Wireless Watch: Would Liberty deal hit Vodafone’s Project Spring?
• 12/4 Faultline: MTG pulls out of Raduga in Russia, partners Tele2 in Sweden
• 12/4 Faultline: TiVo acquisition DigitalSmiths branches out into analytics
• 12/4 Faultline: No recovery at Envivio, drops 23%, but boasts Tier 1 win
• 12/4 Faultline: Drawn out holiday sales are mixed bag for US retailers
• 12/4 Faultline: Canadian media and ISPs team up to blockade Netflix

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